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Tryad T2


The T2 interface supplies the Ockam system with up to 3 sensor inputs:

  • Boat speed from one or two paddle type sensors. Separate 5 or 12 volt power is available for these sensors if required.

  • Apparent wind angle and speed, from standard pot-type marine mastheads. Sensor power of 5, 6.5 or 12 volts is available. An internal MEMS sensor provides heel angle when this sensor set is enabled.

  • Heading or Depth or Load Cell readings from a NMEA-output sensor.

  • Backwards Compatible with pre-Tryad Ockam systems


tís best to think of the T2 as three independent interfaces in one box. The following interfaces are provided:

  • Boatspeed (emulates the 015 interface)

  • Masthead (emulates the 022 interface)

  • One of Heading or Depth or LoadCell Each interface can be enabled independently.

[A] Boat speed Interface

All paddle-wheel Boatspeed sensors make pulses at a rate proportional to the speed of the water flowing past the sensor. The 015 Boat speed interface passes pulse counts from the transducer's) to the CPU where they are used to determine the Boat speed. Additional information from the Signature and Transducer switches, and three calibration controls are sent to allow accurate calibration.

The interface can use any of several paddle-type sensors for input. Kenyon, Signet and Brookes &

Gatehouse sensors have been interfaced successfully, and others will be published as they are

checked out.

[B] Wind Interface

Calculating true wind requires very accurate knowledge of the apparent wind. The readings must be properly corrected for heel, leeway and Upwash in order to get accurate true wind angle and direction. There are six controls on the interface to aid in calibration.  The interface can use any of several synchro-pot (360 degree) mastheads for input. These sensors produce three triangle wave DC voltage outputs carrying the angular information, and a pulse rate for the speed. The interface measures the three voltages and pulse rate, and passes them to the CPU where they are used to determine the apparent wind angle and speed. The interface also measures the heel angle (another voltage generated inside the interface), and sends it and the settings of the Signature and Heel Sign switches, and the four calibrations to the system.

[C] NMEA Interface

A NMEA output sensor outputting Heading, Depth or Load can be connected to the T2. On Tryad systems, Heading or Depth could also be input to T1 NMEA channel, but without any disable switches. Be careful not to have another interface on the system doing the same job (i.e. before enabling, check that TEST Configuration/Conf is even).


Dimensions: 4-3/4" W x 4-3/4" H x 2" D
Mounting:  Velcro. or 10-24 x 5/8" on 4-5/16" x 3-1/2" Ctrs
Weight: 1 Lb.
Orientation:  Any
Power Requirements: 100ma
Fuse:  500ma Pico-fuse
Mating Connections:

BUS: BNC Female

Sensors: 3 Terminal strips

Compatible Devices:

Masthead: B&G 213, Signet Mk.24, others.

Boat speed: Signet Mk.33, others

NMEA: see above.

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