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Nexus Marine Compasses

Features that you will find on most Nexus Marine/Silva compasses

How to choose a compass ...

Mounting alternatives options:


Models are available in various sizes and mounting angles.


Throughout production all compasses from Nexus Marine/Silva:

  • Use a cone shaped no-spin card which is virtually unaffected by boat speed and vibration.

  • Have lifetime transparent liquid

  • Perfect dampening due to the properties of liquid and gimbaled systems

  • Have pivot sapphire bearings

  • Have shock resistant features

  • Are subject to rigorous operational tests to withstand the harsh marine environment

  • Are backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

Features that you will find on most Nexus Marine/Silva compasses

How to choose a compass ...
- Simply by answering some commonly asked questions:

Which compass do I need...?
What kind of boat do you have?

The main difference between a powerboat compass and a sailboat compass is the heeling angle limit and the damping characteristics.

A powerboat compass has fixed lubber lines to maintain the best dynamics.

Steel boats need compasses with D-correctors or soft iron correctors.

Which size of compass do I need...?
What is the size of your boat?
If the compass will be read from a distance you will need a bigger compass.

The simple thumb rule is: A boat longer than 10 meters (33 feet) requires a 100 series capsule or larger.
70 series has an apparent scale of 70mm
100 series has an apparent scale of 100mm

What type of mounting do I need...?
Where will the compass be mounted?

There is a Nexus Marine/Silva compass for every mount. In the bulkhead, on the dashboard, on the headlining, on the mast or other. All models are made so that there is no need for any unnecessary drilling.

Do I need a compensator...?
Are you planning to use your compass as a navigation tool?

We strongly recommend the use of a compensator, not only in steel boats.

Almost all models are or may be delivered with a built in compensator to avoid magnetic disturbances.
Disturbances will be found on any boat, the source varies from loudspeakers to the radio, engine, wipers, electronic instruments and other metallic parts.
Remember that the distance to the source is more critical than the strength of it.

Mounting alternatives options



Horizontal Vertical




Compensator Illumination
70UN X X X     O  
70UNE X X X     O X
70P       X X O O
85E X       X   X
103RE X         O  
103R X         O  
Magnetic Zones 

The earth's magnetic field changes in intensity depending on geographic location. This varying field causes a compass card to tilt away from the horizontal. To offset this, counterweights are placed on the compass card so that it balances horizontally. This allows the compass card to swing smoothly rather than dragging on the top or bottom of the compass capsule. Nexus Marine compasses are balanced to operate in one of three magnetic regions; MN, ME, and MS. Use of a compass outside its region can effect its ability to give an accurate heading; in extreme cases the compass may stick.

Magnetic Zones

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