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Advanced Performance

em-trak's advanced core technology has been developed to consume less power, whilst providing the very best AIS and GPS performance, ensuring every transmission is translated in real time, without error, so you always have complete picture.


Total reliability

em-trak AIS transceivers use the highest quality components to provide years of continuous, maintenance free operation. Engineered for even the harshest marine environments, all our products undergo extensive testing to ensure they are waterproof and unaffected by extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and sun/UV.



em-trak's transceivers can connect and share data simultaneously to multiple devices, and on any type of display – chartplotter, pc, tablet, mobile phone or wearable. This ensures you get the most from your em-trak AIS product and related on-board equipment every day, including all AIS related functionality such as weather, MOB, anti-collision, anchor safety, vessel tracking and more.


Easy Installation

With features such as FLEXI-FIT bracket, integrated GPS antenna, VHF antenna splitter and unlimited connectivity options, including NMEA2000 & 0183, Bluetooth & Wifi. em-trak AIS transceivers have been designed for quick and easy set up and installation on any vessel.


Global Compliance

em-trak products are rigorously tested and certified to meet international AIS standards so you have total peace of mind, wherever you are. This includes FCC, USCG, Canada and EU test and certification.


Warranty & Support

em-trak AIS transceivers are maintenance free, come with a three year global warranty as standard, and our in-house tech support is backed by over 1,000 local dealers around the world.


B900 SERIESStandard & High power transmit / Integrated GPS receiver & antenna / Ultimate connectivity – WiFi & Bluetooth / FLEXI-FIT installation.

Enhance your on-the-water experience with the B900 series – a market leading range of standard and high transmit power AIS Class B transceivers designed for real-world conditions. Small, lightweight, and built to last, every product in the range delivers em-trak's advanced performance and ultimate connectivity – giving you the complete picture and the time to respond.

With easy installation and connectivity options, the B900 series offers flexible, wireless or wired usage, helping you to get the most from your transceiver and related onboard equipment every day.




The B920 series is a 2W CSTDMA Class B AIS transceiver, delivering em-trak's advanced performance and reliability through next-gen technology. Small and durable, this trusted transceiver processes all AIS transmissions in real-time, even at range limit, so you always have the complete picture and the time to respond.

em-trak's intelligent connectivity means the B92x can be connected to any chart-plotter and comes equipped with integrated GPS technology and best-in-class, ultra low power consumption. Installation is also simplified with our unique FLEXI-FITฎ bracket system to have you up and running in no time at all.


Product Range Standard Features:

• Standard (2W) transmit power Class B AIS transceiver
• FCC, USCG, EU, Industry Canada certified
• Integrated GNSS receiver & antenna
• Small & lightweight
• Ruggedized & waterproof IPx6 & IPx7
• NMEA0183 & 2000
• Ultra low power consumption
• FLEXI-FIT™ bracket system
• Voyage data recorder


Product Versions

B921, Standard Features Only

B922, SF + WiFi & Bluetooth - wireless connectivity

B923, SF + Fully intergrated High Performance VHF Antenna Splitter

B924, SF + WiFi & Bluetooth - wireless connectivity & Fully intergrated High Performance VHF Antenna Splitter



The B950 series is most feature-rich High Transmit Power (5W SOTDMA) AIS transceiver in the B900 range. Like all B900 transceivers, it also includes an integrated next-generation GPS receiver and antenna and is designed for em-trak's unique FLEXI-FITฎ bracket system to make installation as easy as possible.

Light-weight and completely weatherproof, the B950 series delivers the very best AIS receive and transmit performance with increased range and transmission priority. Your transceiver will also work with our CONNECT-AIS mobile phone app to make programming, configuration and transceiver health monitoring simple and convenient.


Product Range Standard Features:

• High (5W) transmit power Class B AIS transceiver
• FCC, USCG, EU, Industry Canada certified
• Integrated GNSS receiver & antenna
• Small & lightweight
• Ruggedized & waterproof IPx6 & IPx7
• NMEA0183 & 2000
• Ultra low power consumption
• FLEXI-FIT™ bracket system
• Voyage data recorder


Product Versions

B951, Standard Features Only

B952, SF + WiFi & Bluetooth - wireless connectivity

B953, SF + Fully intergrated High Performance VHF Antenna Splitter

B954, SF + WiFi & Bluetooth - wireless connectivity & Fully intergrated High Performance VHF Antenna Splitter


B200 SERIES Class B

Certified High Transmit Power AIS Class B
WiFi & Bluetooth / IPx6, IPx7 Waterproof / Internal Battery Power Back-up / Transmit on/off

B200 Class B5W/SO

The em-trak B200 is a high transmit power (5W) priority AIS Class B transceiver specifically designed for serious ocean sailors, offering enhanced safety through maximum range and transmission priority.

The high powered, advanced AIS engine provides reliability you can depend on and the very best AIS performance in its class. Completely water and weatherproof (IPx6 & IPx7 certified), and ruggedized to withstand shock and vibration, the B200 has been extensively tested in the most extreme marine environments and will provide years of maintenance free operation. The dual NMEA2000 & 0183, coupled with serial ports, USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth also make connecting to all your tablets, PC’s, display and navigation devices easy and simple.

Peace of mind is further enhanced with an internal battery that ensures continuous operation for up 120 hours in the event of total power loss. The B200 also supports silent mode, where transmissions are switched off, but receiving continues, and can be enabled through the integrated switch.


B400 SERIES Class B

High Transmit Power AIS Class B I Full Colour
Display I C-MAP ENC I  WiFi connectivity I  Ruggedized & Waterproof


B400 SERIESClass B

Introducing the B400, a high-powered priority transmit AIS Class B transceiver that delivers ultimate reliability, enhanced range and advanced performance across the busiest waters and open ocean.

Designed for serious sailors and commercial applications, the B400 is a self-contained, fully integrated plug-and-play unit. Suitable for internal or external installation, it has been certified weather and waterproof, and offers a integrated colour display to remove the need for additional screens. Easy to install and use, the B400 can be integrated with all common bridge systems, as well as offering a full range of advanced AIS functionality including alerts, target filters, vessel information lists, real time weather updates and more.


A200 SERIES Class A

AIS Class A transponder I SOLAS & Inland Waterway
Certified I Ruggedized & Waterproof I Integrated Full Colour Display

The A200 Class A is both SOLAS and Inland Waterway certified and offers superior performance through its advanced, next-gen technology.

The A200 has been engineered for even the harshest marine environments, undergoing extensive testing by independent experts to ensure it is waterproof and unaffected by extreme temperatures, shock and vibration so you don't need to worry about reliability issues impacting performance or longevity.
The A200 is easy to install and will seamlessly connect to your ECDIS and other bridge systems. The A200 delivers comprehensive AIS functionality, such as alerts, target filters, vessel information lists, real time weather and more.
With its integrated colour display, the A200 plays an important role in tracking, collision avoidance and CPA when vessels are in busy port areas. The combination of advanced performance, trusted reliability and competitive price make the A200 the best value AIS Class A in the market by far.

Product Range Features: AIS Class A transceiver
• SOLAS & Inland Waterway Certified
• Single fully integrated unit
• 5” Colour display with night mode
• ENC chart (C-MAP) with configurable AIS target overlay
• Plug & Play connectivity - WiFi, NMEA0183 & 2000
• Ruggedized & waterproof IPx6 & IPx7
• Extensive AIS functionality


SART100 SERIES Search & Rescue

AIS Search & Rescue Transponder I IMO SOLAS
Certified I Ruggedized & Waterproof I Easy to Use in an Emergency


Be ready for anything. Engineered for reliability the em-trak SART100 is a IMO-SOLAS certified AIS search and rescue transponder. This market-leading search and rescue transponder can be stored for years, and when needed, can be instantly activated to transmit an emergency transmission to all AIS equipped vessels including coastguard and aircraft, allowing them to pinpoint your exact location.

The em-trak SART is ruggedized (IPx6, IPx7 and IPx8), comes as a complete kit and can be stored away for many years ready for instant activation in the event of an emergency, giving you total peace of mind.


I100 SERIES Small Vessel Tracker

Fully Integrated Battery Powered AIS Transceiver I Ideal for Small Vessel Tracking I Enhanced Security Features


I100 SERIESSmall Vessel Tracker

The Identifier I100-X is a ruggedized, fully self-contained AIS Class B vessel tracking transponder, ideal for small vessel tracking and monitoring.

I100-X can power itself using its own internal rapid recharge battery (+120hrs continuous operation), or be connected directly to another onboard power source such as engine, battery or solar with the battery then acting as a backup.

I100-X is fully water and weather proof (IPx8 certified) and ruggedized to operate reliably without maintenance in even the harshest of environments - extreme heat/cold, humidity, shock and vibration.

Each I100-X is supplied as a complete kit which includes the I100-X transponder, mounting bracket and rapid charging dock. Accessories such as direct connect power cable and alert indicator box are also available.

AIS Accessories

em-trak’s accessories and spares include data cables, power cables, and our generic GPS Antenna suitable for any product in the range.

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